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Hotmail is a Webmail and free online email services provided by Microsoft, it was popularly known as the MSN Hotmail. Now renamed as Outlook. The Hotmail app has varied features like folders, POP mail retrieval, spellchecking, integrated audio player for MP3 files, color schemes and the services are available in variety of languages.

Fix common Errors

Often it happens that your Hotmail technical support account does not open in Internet Explorer. No need to panic just try and open your Hotmail customer support account on a different browser and it will work just fine.

When using Hotmail or creating a Hotmail id make sure that your cookies are enabled as it is required by Hotmail. Simply walk through these steps got to Tools>Internet Options Privacy >press Default. Clear the cookies or if it is an existing cookie problem then go to Tools>Internet Options General >press Delete cookies. You can clear your Cache by following the same steps just need to press Delete Files.

Hotmail app being very popular and widely used can be a problem in itself sometimes. One may not be able to login into their Hotmail account due to an outage. It takes about 24 hours for it to get rectified by itself. You can just sit it out and wait for it to happen.

The most common of all is cannot login into my Hotmail tech support account or password lost or Hotmail account hacked. This is critical and most times it is impossible to log back in.First get in touch with your Internet Service Provider to reset your password. This can be done if you remember your secret question and your ISP helps you. If this does not help then you will have to create a new Hotmail id and send a message to all your Hotmail contacts to send you email to this new id and to ignore the old one. Passwords are very crucial be advised to always keep them safe by Hotmail Contact Number, Hotmail Toll Free Number, Hotmail helpline Number, hotmail Support Number.

While using Hotmail forget password remember to always enable your cookies, erase cookies, keep the Adobe Flash Player up to date, anti-virus should be updated, update and launch anti-spyware, firewall and security programs should be in place, if all this is in place one is likely to face problems with Hotmail technical support account settings. As it is a free email some glitches are always bound to happen but they can be prevented by above mentioned checklist.

Hotmail email guidelines. For a new account the limit to send and receive mail is as per their usage and it increases gradually. A new Hotmail customer support service phone number user can send and receive about 10-50 mails everyday.If your Hotmail id is more than 30 days, then 300 emails per day is your daily limit. To increase your daily limit you simply need to upgrade your Hotmail id to a paid one. Similarly the storage space for your Hotmail email increases monthly. Email attachments eat up a lot of space this may create a problem while sending or receiving any messages. You will automatically get a Hotmail message stating that your inbox is full. Make sure to keep the junk folder always empty, organize your inbox and delete any old and unwanted mails.

Contact Hotmail Customer Support Service Phone Number

Hotmail Support @ 1-888-521-0120

For email support Log in to Hotmail account, click on Help, click on View other help suggestions or contact us, select Other from the drop down menu go to Contact MSN Hotmail and fill in the form. This option can be used when you are able to log in into your Hotmail Account.

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