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Since the start of Facebook in 2004 it is one of the most popular social networking website. One can use the Facebook app for uploading their pictures, having group discussions, playing games, adding friends and connecting with people who share the same interest, nonetheless not depending on where in the world are they. Business and corporate organizations are joining and creating their own page on Facebook to promote their business and create awareness about their work. This in turn is helping their market to grow.

Basic Facebook Errors

For any Facebook Messaging problems like sending message problem, message inbox empty, unable to scroll through messages, not receiving notifications, blocked from messaging one can log on to Facebook Technical Support Phone Number Help Center and go on to messages and then troubleshooting and here you can share the problem that you are facing with Facebook messaging.

On the Facebook page of Desktop Help you can report the error of Unavailable Page. By mentioning the URL and giving the detailed description. A screen-shot if any taken can also be provided with.

Post Limit set to low. On Facebook Settings page if the post limit is not set to high then relevant posts may not be displayed. You need to increase the post limit on plugin’s settings page to 15 or more depending on the number of posts you are trying to display. Maximum post limit is around 100.

Facebook page may have restrictions. To determine if your Facebook page is set to public you need to sign out of Facebook tech support account and then try to access your page. If Facebook asks you to sign on to your Facebook account that means there are restrictions. Any restrictions of these sort can be removed by going to the Facebook settings of your Facebook Profile by facebook customer support service phone number and then any Country or Age restriction should be removed. This will allow the Custom Feed Facebook plugin to access and display your posts. This is mainly faced by people who advertise or do Business through Facebook phone number and are trying to post at large.

Error loading Timeline. There is no specific reason as to why this problem occurs on your Facebook page it could be a possibility that the problem may be temporary, the link clicked on could have expired and you just need to logout of your Facebook app and login again. If the problem still persists, once reported to Facebook customer service phone number for help it gets corrected quickly.

Error Uploading Pictures. If you face an error while uploading your picture on your Facebook profile you need to update the version of the Adobe Flash on your computer, also check the size of your photo. Facebook app allows 15MB and under that for uploading. If the problem persists then go to Facebook customer support Help Center phone number logon and go to photos and here in this Facebook app you can log in your complaint.

Having trouble logging Facebook app and sharing your Instagram photos. It could be a temporary problem. If it keeps happening delete both Facebook app and Instagram app, remove Instagram permission from Facebook privacy setting before deleting and then download them again.

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Get all the help @ Facebook Help Center. Go to Help on the Facebook status bar and then click on "Visit the Help Center".

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